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The doxo System Relieves the Stress of Bill Payment

April 19, 2019

The reason why the folks who founded doxo and created the doxo bill payment system did so because bill payment is a segment of the economy that represents approximately half of all household spending. The act of managing and paying all the bills in a typical households always ranked among the most frustrating chores someone in every family must face about every 30 days. On average, households pay at least 10 or more bills every month and many juggle several online accounts, the occasional creditor that won't take a credit card and they encounter many websites that won't work with a mobile phone or tablet.

Recently, doxo doubled their customer base, while simultaneously expanding every element of their customer service and support capability. They are also constantly expanding their network of bill payment partnerships, including some with major companies like AT&T, whose 100 million customers can receive their bills and pay them through doxo. Their list of service providers runs the gamut, and includes industries such as utilities, finance, telecom, banking and insurance, among many other sectors.